INVESTOR VISA NEW ZEALAND "International Investors can apply for a Residence visa to New Zealand under the Investor Visa New Zealand Category...."

APPLY FOR NEW ZEALAND INVESTOR VISAApplying for an Investor Visa New Zealand requires strong evidence your investment funds were lawfully earned.

This will involve providing a wide range of business, financial & personal documents.

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Are you considering applying for an Investor Visa or Business Visa New Zealand?  We have 25+ years’ experience assisting high net worth investors worldwide, including from South Africa, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, China, Germany, The Middle East and Europe.
We understand the needs of investors and our process is confidential, sophisticated and bespoke for our high-net-worth clientele.
If you would like to apply for a business visitor visa or self-employed (entrepreneur) visa you are welcome to email us your contact details on and we will gladly telephone you (anywhere in the world) and answer any questions & guide you through the process.  We are experts in business, entrepreneur & investment-based visas. 
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Until recently there were are two types of Investor Visas in New Zealand. The Investor 1 and Investor 2 visa are both now closed and you can not apply for these visa categories.
They have been replaced by the new Active Investor Plus visa category.
The visa category opened in September 2022 and eligibility criteria includes a minimum $5 million investment.  Investor visas usually take several months to prepare, so we can start to prepare your visa application in the meantime.
The key criteria are:
  • Investors must invest over a 4 year period & spend at least 117 days in New Zealand over the four-year investment period
  • There is an English language requirement of an IELTS score of at least 5.0.
  • The visa will incentivize direct investment in New Zealand firms through a weighting system based on direct or indirect investment.
  • The Minimum amount required for direct investments will be NZD$5 million and indirect investments NZD$15 million
  • Indirect / passive investments (listed equities) are capped at 50% of total investments.
  • Bonds and property excluded from being eligible investments. You can not invest into these under this visa category.
  • More active investments are recognized at 2 – 3 times their actual dollar value invested using weightings:
  • NZX (Indirect investment) listed (NZ domiciled) equities at 1x to a maximum of 50% – $7.5 million;
  • Philanthropy (Indirect investment) at 1x to a maximum of 50% – $7.5 million;
  • Managed Funds (venture capital and private equity) at 2x – must be acceptable to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).
  • Direct investments into NZ companies at 3x (must be approved by NZTE).
  • The ‘whitelist’ starts with NZ domiciled funds that have NZGCP, ACC or NZ Super due diligence sign off);
You will need to demonstrate that your investment funds have been lawfully earned and you own any assets nominated for investment purposes.   This can be proven through a range of documents some of which are listed below:
  •  Company Ownership Records
  •  Company Financial Records
  •  Tax Records
  •  Verification from your Accountant / Banker / Broker
  •  Banking Records
  • Property Ownership Records
  •  Business & Property Valuations
  • Other Asset Valuations
  • Statements of Assets & Liabilities
  • Company Organization Chart
We will ensure all information provided to Immigration New Zealand in your Investor visa application is correct and will not jeopardize your future chances of residence in New Zealand.
After your  Investor Visa is approved you will need to invest your funds here for at least 4 years.
Strong legal representation is essential for anyone seeking to migrate to New Zealand.

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