PARTNERSHIP RESIDENCE VISAIf you have lived with your New Zealand partner for 12 months or more in a genuine & continuing relationship, you may qualify for a New Zealand Residence visa.

PARTNERSHIP RESIDENCE VISA NEW ZEALAND Applying for a Partnership Residence Visa to New Zealand requires strong evidence of your relationship & living together with a New Zealand Citizen or Resident.

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Partner Residence Visa Eligibility and documents.
If you have been living with your New Zealand Citizen or Resident Partner for 12 months or more in any country, you may qualify for a New Zealand Partner Resident Visa.
New Zealand recognizes same sex marriage and relationships for the purposes of making a partner residence visa application.
To qualify for a partner residence visa in New Zealand, you will need to demonstrate that your relationship is genuine & continuing & your living arrangements are long-term & stable. This will require producing a number of documents to prove your partnership is genuine.
You may also be interviewed by Immigration New Zealand and sometimes this can be stressful & lead to a negative outcome. We will ensure the interview process is smooth, fair & transparent.
We will ensure all visa information and supporting documents provided to Immigration New Zealand in your partner residence visa application is correct & will not jeopardize your chances of residence in New Zealand.
Strong legal representation is essential for anyone seeking to migrate to New Zealand under the partner visa category.

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