SPECIFIC PURPOSE WORK VISA"Business People or Senior Executives needing to be based in New Zealand can apply for a Specific Purpose Work Visa...."

SPECIFIC PURPOSE VISASpecific Purpose Work Visa Overview

This visa is for people who need a multiple entry visa to enter New Zealand for a specific purpose or event for between 1 – 5 years.
To apply you’ll need to have skills related to your specific purpose or event and be able to define the time you’ll need to complete your specific purpose or event.
Examples of people who may be able to apply include business owners, senior executives or business people on secondments, sports players, professional coaches, specialist equipment installers, & nurses seeking occupational registration.
The Specific Purpose Work visa is a multiple entry visa valid for 1 – 5 years depending on the type of Specific Purpose Work visa you apply for.
Business people wanting to start a company in New Zealand can apply for this visa. A strong business case must be presented to Immigration New Zealand to demonstrate your business plans.
Every Specific Purpose Work visa we have prepared has been approved & we have strong expertise preparing this category of visa for New Zealand.
Strong  legal advice & representation is essential for anyone applying for a New Zealand visa.
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