NEW ZEALAND CITIZENSHIP"New Zealand Citizenship can be acquired after spending five years as a resident in New Zealand. In some cases, citizenship can be acquired sooner. "


To qualify for New Zealand citizenship most people need to:
  • Be a New Zealand resident (hold a Permanent Resident Visa).
  • Live in New Zealand as a resident for 5 years immediately before the application is lodged; spend 240 days in New Zealand in each of those 5 years, and the total number of days spent in New Zealand over the 5 years is 1,350 or more.
  • Speak English to a basic conversational level.
  • Be of good character.
  • Intend to live in New Zealand once citizenship is granted.
Having a criminal record overseas or in New Zealand or being charged with any criminal offence in the past can result in your New Zealand citizenship application being delayed or rejected.  When you declare your criminal history, a criminal record character waiver may be required.
There are often extenuating circumstances with any criminal matters & these will need to be explained carefully to the case officer processing your application.
If you or someone in your family has a criminal record it is important to take legal advice before submitting your citizenship application to Immigration New Zealand.
We can discuss & assess your criminal record character waiver options in detail & advise on the likely outcome of any application before you make this.
We can also prepare strong legal submissions to support your application. This may involve reviewing your sentencing reports, criminal records, lawyers’ letters & other documents to present your citizenship application in the best possible light.
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