IMMIGRATION MEDICAL WAIVER"Medical Issues in your family can cause your Immigration Application to Fail. You may need an Immigration Medical waiver. Take professional advice before making your application..."

IMMIGRATION MEDICAL WAIVERDealing with Medical Issues & Preparing a Medical Waiver

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Applying for an Immigration Medical Waiver is complex and difficult.
There are many medical conditions that can cause your New Zealand visa application to be challenged, delayed or rejected.
These can range from taking medication to having a serious or terminal illness & nearly everything in between.
If you or someone in your family has a medical condition it is important to take legal advice before submitting your visa application to Immigration New Zealand.
The New Zealand Government Immigration Services (Immigration New Zealand or INZ) have strict criteria to follow when assessing any visa application for a person with a medical issues.
All persons who complete medical examinations for immigration purposes must be very careful to answer the forms correctly.
We can discuss your situation in detail & advise on the likely outcome of any application before you make this.
We can also advise on how to obtain a specialist report to support your visa application if you have been requested to provide this to Immigration New Zealand.
Finally, we can provide strong legal submissions & represent you if your application is challenged by Immigration New Zealand on medical grounds. This can be the difference between success & failure for your immigration application to New Zealand.
Strong legal representation is essential for anyone with medical issues seeking to migrate to New Zealand.

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