NEW ZEALAND VISA POLICE CLEARANCE "If you are applying for a long-term visa or Residence in New Zealand you will need to provide a Police Clearance from every country you have lived or spent extensive time in... "


In many countries the process for securing International Police Clearances is very straightforward. Immigration New Zealand provides a full list of police clearance instructions for nearly every country on their website.
However, for various reasons it can be difficult to secure a Police Certificate from some countries you have lived in or spent time in.  This can be due to bureaucracy, distance, language barriers & conflict or war or other state of emergency or political situation within the country.
In some countries the pandemic has also made it more difficult to secure a police certificate.
We have prior experience & knowledge securing an international police clearance in difficult situations. We have helped clients secure exemptions from Police Clearances from Indonesia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other jurisdictions where it can sometimes be impossible to secure a police certificate.
If you or your HR team are finding it hard to obtain an International Police Certificate, we may be able to assist.  Our assistance can involve locating and contacting professionals in the country you are unable to secure a clearance from. We can explain the situation clearly and secure the required evidence that the clearance is not able to be issued.
If we can prove to Immigration New Zealand that you are not able to secure a police clearance, it is possible to secure an exemption.
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