MIGRATION LAWYERS SERVICES"We provide a broad range of legal & related services for people applying for visas or Residence in New Zealand..."


“We provide a range of services including visa applications, appeals, translations, migrant business plans, international recruitment advisory, migrant relocation advice. We also provide referrals to industry professionals across Banking, Property, Tax, Accounting, Commercial & related matters.”
We assist with the following & more:
  • prepare & lodge all types of visa & work permit applications
  • Company Accreditation applications
  • serious visa issues or visas that are challenged or declined
  • prepare appeals to the IPT & respond to PPI Letters
  • attend INZ Interviews with our clients
  • translations, police clearances & medicals.
  • migrant business planning & New Zealand company formation,
  • ¬†immigration investment advice, banking & accounting referrals
  • children’s education, housing & New Zealand lifestyle advice.
  • Referrals to other lawyers with specialist legal expertise

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